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Friday, April 12, 2013

Compressed Sensing of EEG Using Wavelet Dictionary Matrices

Since my paper "Compressed Sensing of EEG for Wireless Telemonitoring with Low Energy Consumption and Inexpensive Hardware (IEEE T-BME, vol.60, no.1, 2013)" has been published, lots of people asked me how to do the compressed sensing of EEG using wavelets. Their problem was that Matlab has no function to generate the DWT basis matrix (i.e. the matrix D in my paper). One has to generate such matrices using other wavelet toolboxes. Now I updated my codes, where I gave a guide to generate such dictionary matrices using the wavelab ( , and there is a demo to show how to use a DWT basis matrix as the dictionary matrix for compressed sensing of EEG (demo_useDWT.m). The codes ('Compressed Sensing of can be downloaded at here

BTW: Please keep in mind that EEG is generally not sparse except to some special situations.