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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Research Tips From Dr. Bai Lu

Here are some research tips given by Dr. Bai Lu when he gave a talk in China several years ago. Very helpful for young researchers such as me. In fact, life is too short to do trivial/normal research.

Two misunderstandings:
(1) No body did this ---> I should do this
(2) This is new  ---> This is good

What is a first-class paper/research?
(1) Major advance in a classic field
(2) New techniques and methods that can be widely used
(3) Discoveries with obvious practical implications
(4) Conceptual breakthrough, novel ideas
(5) Challenge to traditional views, break dogma
(6) Opening up new area, cross board

What is a mediocre paper/research?
(1) Horizontal growth (e.g. I made the discovery in rats, you find the same in cat)
(2) Filling gaps (e.g. A actives B which is known to induce C. You show that A enhances C)
(3) Working out details
(4) Support existing idea, "me too"
(5) Follow up
(6) Incomplete study, preliminary

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  1. I totally agree with what Dr. Bai Lu that one great or first-class research paper is that one that has a major advance in a classic field. Dissertation and thesis ideas usually are only the ones that follow up or working out the details. So it would be good to have a great major impact on the field you belong.


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