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Friday, November 4, 2011

Minisymposium on New Dimensions in Brain-Machine Interfaces at UCSD

Wednesday, November 9, 2011
Fung Auditorium
Powell-Focht Bioengineering Hall
UC San Diego

The minisymposium highlights latest advances and emerging directions in
brain-machine and neuron-silicon interface technology and their
applications to neuroscience and neuroengineering.  Topics include
high-dimensional EEG and ECoG systems, wireless and unobtrusive
brain-machine interfaces, flexible bioelectronics, real-time decoding of
brain and motor activity, and signal processing methods for intelligent
human-system interfaces.


1:00-1:10pm    Welcome

1:10-1:50pm    Engineering hope with biomimetic systems
              Wentai Liu, UC Santa Cruz

1:50-2:30pm    A low power system-on-chip design for real-time ICA based BCI applications
              Wai-Chi Fang, National Chiao-Tung University, Taiwan

2:30-3:10pm    Developing practical non-contact EEG electrodes
              Yu Mike Chi, Cognionics

3:10-3:50pm    A new platform for BCI: from iBrain to the Stephen Hawking project
              Philip Low, Neurovigil

3:50-4:20pm    Coffee break

4:20-5:00pm    Interdisciplinary approaches to design high performance brain-machine interfaces
              Todd P. Coleman, UC San Diego

5:00-5:40pm    Evolving data collection and signal processing methods for intelligent human-system interfaces
              Scott Makeig, UC San Diego

5:40-6:00pm    Panel discussion

Organized by:

Tzyy-Ping Jung <>
Center for Advanced Neurological Monitoring,
Institute of Engineering in Medicine <>, and
Institute for Neural Computation <>

With support from:

Qualcomm <>, and
Brain Corporation <>

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