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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Literature-CS: Sparse Signal Recovery/Compressed Sensing of ICASSP 2012

ICASSP 2012 has posted the technical program:

Here are the sections on sparse signal recovery/compressed sensing:

SPTM-P6: Joint SPTM/SPCOM Session: Sampling Sparsity and Reconstruction II

SPCOM-P2: Sampling, Coding and Modulation

SPTM-L3: Compressed Sensing and Sparsity I

SPTM-L4: Compressed Sensing and Sparsity II

SPTM-L5: Compressed Sensing and Sparsity III

SPCOM-L4: Sparse Signal Processing for Communications and Networking

SPTM-P9: Sampling and Reconstruction

SAM-P5: Joint SAM/SPTM Session: Compressed Sensing and Sparse Signal Modeling

My paper will be presented at the section: SPTM-L4: Compressed Sensing and Sparsity II

The title is:
Z.Zhang, B.D.Rao, Recovery of Block Sparse Signals Using the Framework of Block Sparse Bayesian Learning

You can read it now from my website:
Codes can be downloaded at:

The paper is the early work of the journal version:

Z.Zhang, B.D.Rao, Extension of SBL Algorithms for the Recovery of Block Sparse Signals with Intra-Block Correlation

The paper can be obtain from:

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