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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Codes of the BSBL Family and Demos for Telemonitoring of ECG have been updated

I have updated the codes of the BSBL family (including BSBL-EM, BSBL-BO, and EBSBL-BO). Their speed is twice of the old versions. Further, they are not sensitive to the scaling of the practical datasets, compared to the old versions.

The download link is here: (Sometimes the link does not work. But you can download it from the bottom of the page:

Furthermore, I added a fold, which contains the demo files to perform the experiment in my post ("", including using BSBL-BO to recover the raw recordings, and then using FastICA to do ICA decomposition. If you think there are other algorithms can do the work as BSBL-BO, you can use the demo files to try your favorite algorithms. And I will be very glad if you send your results to me.

I will release the code of BSBL-L1 soon.

Since tomorrow, I will modify the T-MSBL group. I am very sorry that the old version of T-MSBL is slow. There is due to some reasons. I have modified the code, and the speed is at least twice of the old one. In addition, I will release other variants of T-MSBL soon.

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