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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Open problems in Bayesian statistics

Mike Jordan wrote a report on his interesting survey on 50 statisticians by asking them what are the open problems in Bayesian statistics. Here is his report:

The top open problems in his report are as follows:

No.1. Model selection and hypothesis testing.

No.2. Computation and statistics.

No.3. Bayesian/frequentist relationships

No.4. Priors

No.5. Nonparametrics and semiparametrics

Andew Gelman made excellent comments on these problems. Here is the link:


  1. I corrected the link of the report. Now the report can be downloaded.

  2. This post is about open problems in Bayesian statistics. The link for the report is given so that you can download it. They also given points which are top problems in that problem. The report explain each problem in detail.


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